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BT Broadband speed test error

We heard that BT had a shiny new broadband speed tester. So we've been to pay it a visit. We're a little shocked at the results. By the end of the day - according to BT, our 30Mbps office broadband connection can reach a fantastic 108Mbps! Sounds a little dubious? So, how did we achieve this impossible speed?

After selling broadband packages for over 13 years, we're more than aware of what is available in our area. So, after testing the new BT broadband speed tester and seeing a broadband speed of 108Mbps, we thought something miraculous had happened to our local exchange.

We checked the speed on our own broadband speed tester and received the usual 30Mbps. So, why is BT reporting 130Mbps? It would appear that this is only for users browsing with Safari. Our test with Google Chrome reported various speeds from 22Mbps up to 30Mbps. We then tried it with Firefox on a MAC - only to be told it's an unsafe site to load! Whoops!

BT Broadband speed test Firefox error


BT, your new speed tester is very pretty but is it accurate? Safari returns a download of 59.91Mbps and Chrome says 23.02Mbps (we're on a 30Mbps line)! If customers want more reliable results while you're sorting yourself out visit #bt #speedtest

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