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BT Parental Controls

They also plan for 95% of UK homes to have the option to switch on a 'Family-Friendly' search filter by the end of 2014.

BT have been offering customers parental controls for a number of years, but previous protection has been mainly focused on desktop and laptop computers. The new internet filters will protect any internet-enabled device using the home broadband including; games consoles, tablets and smartphones. The parental internet filters will be available to all new and existing customers. The account holder can choose which level of filter to use. Filter levels are 'strict', 'moderate' or 'light'. Individual websites can be manually added to the 'permitted' or 'blocked' lists. Users can also adjust security levels during the day. Filters can be set to high when children are home, giving parents peace of mind during homework hours.

BT are not the only ISP to implement 'Family- Friendly' search filters, Sky and TalkTalk have also recently introduced this service. Virgin Media plan to follow suit in the new year. If your ISP doesn't yet offer this type of service, you can get a similar result from 'Open DNS' and it's free! Learn more about how to protect yourself on the internet with our 'Stay safe online guide'.

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