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BT Smart Talk

BT have released a clever iPhone and Android app that will help their landline customers save money on their mobile phone bill.

The free app, called Smart Talk allows users to connect up to 5 smart phones per account - so the whole family can save money at the same time! To use Smart Talk you will need a WiFi or 3G/4G connection. It works in a similar way to Skype, using the internet connection to dial 0800, 0845 and 0870 numbers - calls that mobile carriers usually charge a premium for. You can even make free calls to the UK from abroad!

BT LogoWherever you are, this clever little app lets you access your BT calling plan. So, if your BT account is on an Anytime calling tariff, so is your Smart Talk app! It's particularly handy for those on a pay as you go contract who have access to a WiFi connection as the app will not use up any mobile credit. The app makes life easy by automatically syncing with your mobile phones contact list. There's no prefix number to remember - just click and call! The Smart Talk app is not available for customers on a BT Basic or Business tariff, fair usage policy applies to all users.

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