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Top Broadband Deals for July 2024

Offer ends 24 July

Broadband Deal
Speed 944Mb
Per month £35.00

*Price may alter during contract

  • Full Fibre 900
  • £100 Gift Voucher
  • Online exclusive
  • 18 month contract
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Offer ends 31 July

Broadband Deal
Speed 400Mb
Per month £20.00

*Price may alter during contract

  • Ultrafast 400
  • New customers only
  • Smart WiFi Mesh
  • 18 month contract
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Offer ends 22 July

Broadband Deal
Speed 910Mb
Per month £30.00

*Price may alter during contract

  • Full Fibre 910
  • £110 Gift Voucher
  • No setup fee
  • 24 month contract
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Average customer speed:
Our speeds listed above are based on the speeds of at least 50% of customers at peak time (8pm to 10pm). Broadband speed may vary depending on location, this can be checked before you switch your broadband provider. You can enter your postcode to check which broadband deals are available in your area. *Prices may fluctuate throughout your contract unless otherwise specified. Your broadband provider may adjust monthly fees in line with the retail or consumer price index each year. Please review the terms and conditions of individual broadband providers before signing up.

3500+ Broadband reviews you can trust!

Our mission is to deliver reliable, honest broadband reviews that you can trust, we don't just cherry pick the nice ones. It's a harsh read, uncovering the good the bad and the ugly

BT Broadband Reviews

2023Review by John

Have been with BT broadband for over 15 years. The product is excellent and customer service has gone from not so good to good.
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Plusnet Broadband Reviews

2023Review by Robert

Have been a customer for many years and very happy with the service I have received from them. Latest example was a router issue that resolved itself in the end!
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Vodafone Broadband Reviews

2023Review by Nihad

Vodafone has a very low trust pilot rating. Already a phone customer so switched to full fibre as it was the best value option. Very positive experience, it's not all doom and gloom
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Broadband social tariffs

Broadband social tariffs

Millions of households could save £200 a year by switching to a broadband social tariff. It seems to be 'The industry's best-kept secret'. Astonishingly, out of the 4.3 million households on Universal Credit, less than 6% have switched to a 'social tariff.'
Broadband social tariffs

Top 10 best broadband reviews 2024

Top 10 ISP reviews 2024

We've collated over 3500 broadband reviews to show you the top ten best ISP in the UK. According to our readers, altnet provider B4RN gets a well-deserved 1st place for the second year. Zen takes 2nd place, followed by Vodafone, and Plusnet takes 4th place
Broadband reviews

5G Broadband

4G & 5G Broadband

Compare 4G & 5G broadband solutions from Vodafone, Three, O2, and EE. Mobile broadband could bridge the gap if you’re moving home or need a temporary broadband solution. Filter the results by price, speed, contract length, usage, and preferred provider
Mobile broadband

Broadband switching guide

What you need to know before you switch your broadband provider

No ..... but we do compare the majority of major UK broadband providers, as well as some of the smaller ones. Our broadband results are not sponsored or driven by commission, unlike some other broadband comparison websites. Just apply filter options to tailor the results that you want to see. If you enter your postcode into the postcode checker, the results will only show you which providers are available in your area. Here are the broadband providers that we do compare (in no particular order): TalkTalk, Shell Energy, Virgin Media, Trooli, NOW Broadband, Three, Truespeed, Zen, Gigaclear, KCOM, Vodafone, Community Fibre, 4G Internet, Cuckoo, Plusnet, Hey Broadband, Sky, Onestream, EE Broadband, G.Network, iTalk, O2 Mobile Broadband, Fibrus, Wightfibre, POP Telecom, 4th Utility, Hyperoptic & BT.

The broadband market in the UK is incredibly competitive, and securing the best broadband deal requires a strategic approach. To maximise your savings, be prepared to switch your broadband provider when your contract ends.

Haggling and switching
When your contract is due for renewal, be prepared to haggle. Haggling with your broadband provider will likely get you similar prices to a new customer. Every internet provider has a team dedicated to keeping you on-board, but it can be time-consuming. Don't be disappointed if you don't receive incentive discounts like gift card offers. Those incentive deals are rarely given to existing customers. New customer incentives typically range from £70 to £200, which can play a big part in reducing the annual contract cost. So, consider switching to a new provider to get the best possible deal.

Choosing the right broadband plan
The cheapest broadband deal might not always be the best choice. If your needs are limited to basic web browsing and emails, you might find it more cost-effective to opt for a 4G/5G mobile connection. However, if you work from home or have a busy household with constant online activity, it's important to identify the fastest broadband provider within your budget. You can determine this by using our broadband availability checker. Simply enter your postcode and filter the results by price and speed.

Broadband social tariffs
Millions of households could save £200 a year by switching to a broadband social tariff. It seems to be 'The industry's best kept secret'.

If you're eligible for government benefits such as Universal Credit, Pension Credit, or income support, you may qualify for a discounted rate from your broadband provider. Surprisingly, out of the 4.3 million households on Universal Credit, less than 6% have switched to a 'social tariff'. Although the government has been advocating for ISP's to offer social tariffs, they are not obligated to, and those who do are often discreet about it. For more information on providers offering discounts, you can visit our 'broadband social tariffs page. Now that you're in on the secret make sure to share it with others!

While some ADSL (Standard broadband) packages may be available without an active phone line, it's important to note that the phone line cable is still utilised for the broadband connection. Therefore, opting for such packages might result in minimal savings as the underlying infrastructure relies on the copper phone lines, and remains in use for broadband delivery. In contrast, Full Fibre Broadband (FTTP) offers a more comprehensive solution by completely bypassing the reliance on old copper cables, providing superior speeds and reliability. While the installation of FTTP may entail additional costs, the pricing has become increasingly competitive and is now comparable to a standard phone and broadband package.

The simple answer is YES! As long as you're not moving house away from your current telephone exchange. If you're switching to Virgin Media they too will allow you to keep your old telephone number. You will be asked which number you would like to transfer during the sign up process.

As of December 2023, 12 internet service providers have voluntarily enrolled in Ofcom's compensation scheme, demonstrating their commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction. The participating providers outlined below are obligated to provide compensation in specific situations, such as when an engineer misses an appointment or when there are delays in activating your broadband service or rectifying a loss of broadband service.

Issue You're entitled to compensation if... Compensation due
Delayed repair following loss of service Your phone or broadband service ceases to function and is not adequately restored within two working days. £9.33 for each day that the service remains unresolved
Missed appointments An engineer fails to attend a scheduled appointment or cancels with less than 24 hours' notice. £29.15 per missed appointment
Delayed start of a new service Your service is not activated on the agreed-upon go-live date. £5.83 for each day of delay, including the missed start date.

The following ISPs are part of the scheme:
1. BT
2. EE
3. Hyperoptic
4. NOW Broadband
5. Plusnet
6. Shell Energy
7. Sky
8. TalkTalk (Customers on the Openreach network only)
9. Utility Warehouse
10.Virgin Media
11.Vodafone (Restrictions apply for customers on the CityFibre network)
12.Zen Internet

This compensation scheme empowers consumers by providing clear guidelines on the circumstances under which they are eligible for compensation, ensuring a fair and transparent process for resolving service-related issues.

Compensation payments are subject to annual adjustments aligned with inflation. Starting from 1 April each year, the adjustments are based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) as of 31 October in the preceding year. This annual increase will be applicable to any new service-related issues arising from 1 April. The rates in the chart above are for (1st April 2023 - 31st March 2024).

In the event of a simultaneous loss of service for both your landline and broadband, a single compensation payment will be issued by your ISP.