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A Bristol-based small family business with over 16 years of experience operating in the home phone and broadband market, FasterBroadband’s guiding principle has always been ‘pride over profit,’ and that’s reflected in everything that we do.

We utilise industry knowledge and expertise to provide users with as much useful information as possible, enabling them to make informed decisions.

We’ve intentionally kept our website free from sponsored results, intrusive pop-ups, and distracting advertising. Digital inclusion is a passion of ours, and we’ve incorporated accessibility features across our entire site.

Our comprehensive social tariff broadband comparison tool is interactive and user-friendly. This free, not-for-profit facility is specifically designed to help address digital inclusion.

Our mission to make information accessible and user-friendly to all is further reinforced with our ‘Big Jargon Guide’ ’. This guide offers an extensive breakdown of technical terminology, making it easier and less daunting for those who aren't tech-savvy.

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Many of our links are actually cheaper than going directly to the provider's website. You'll never pay more for services purchased through us. Plus, you'll be supporting a company with a strong social conscience. It's a win-win for everyone!

Spread the word! Recommend FasterBroadband to friends, family, or colleagues. You can even reference our broadband tools and guides on social media or online forums, helping others understand their broadband options.

Leave a review of your current provider on one of our broadband review pages and help other users make an informed decision.

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