Broadband usage calculator

One of the first things to consider when choosing a broadband package is the amount of broadband usage that you require. Often people opt for an unlimited package because they are unsure of their needs and are frightened of being charged a premium if they overuse. However, whilst many unlimited packages are competitive, limited packages are often considerably cheaper. So, it's worth calculating how much broadband you actually need before you buy. We suggest that you try our free broadband calculator and use your results as a rough guide to your monthly consumption.

How to use our broadband usage calculator

To get your broadband usage estimation, simply answer the ten questions below. Sliding the switch to the right will adjust the number at the end of the bar. This bandwidth checker is also tablet friendly, simply use a finger to drag the switch.

How many hours of web surfing per week?

How many emails do you send & receive in an average week?

Number of low quality photos sent/received per week

Number of high quality photos sent/received per week

Number of mp3 music tracks you download per week

How many hours per week will you game online?

How many hours of online TV would you watch per week?

How many hours would you listen to online radio per week?

How many films would you download per month?

How many hours will you make calls via the internet per week?

Estimated monthly broadband usage: Gb

BBC iPlayer bandwidth test

There are two main ways to view programs with BBC iPlayer. Streaming is suitable for those who want to watch the program immediately and are happy to stay on-line to do so. In order to store a program to watch off-line it is necessary to download it. An increasing number of iPlayer's titles are now available in HD as well as standard definition. The bandwidth (broadband usage) requirement varies significantly depending on how you view and at what quality.
Our bandwidth checker calculates your usage based on the assumption that you are streaming standard definition programs. We have found that downloading programs uses up approximately twice as much bandwidth as streaming. It is recommended that you have an internet connection of at least 1Mbps to watch a streamed program uninterrupted.

Broadband usage calculators terms: Our broadband usage calculator should be used as a guide only. Your broadband usage may vary from the figure shown. All data entered is anonymous and not stored.