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Accessibility statement

FasterBroadband recognises the importance of providing a website that is easy to navigate for all users, which is why our broadband tools and guides have been built with accessibility in mind. Our site has been updated in accordance with the 'Web Content Accessibility Guidelines' (WCAG) which were created by the 'World Wide Web Consortium' (W3C).

Our goals & our achievements so far...

Our ultimate goal is to make FasterBroadband as accessible as possible without relying on external accessibility technologies to adapt our content. We intend to go beyond the basics that other price comparison websites have achieved or aim for. The accessibility guidelines WCAG 2.1 fall into three levels: A, AA and AAA. We believe that we have reached AA compliance whilst supporting many features from the AAA-rated criteria. Adjustments to our design and content happen regularly, and we strive to achieve a AAA-compliant website.

FasterBroadband reactive accessibility

WCAG 2.1 Accessibility features on FasterBroadband

Compliance Accessibility
1 Assistive technologies - Aria markup language to support user interface AAA Rated
2 Our content will automatically adjust to a suitable size for the user's device, including content orientation. AA Rated
3 The text on FasterBroadband can be resized without external resources (this does not include text within images). AA Rated
4 The images used on FasterBroadband support the use of text alternatives. AA Rated
5 There is no loss of content or functionality by changing the text line height or letter spacing on FasterBroadband. The ability to change the text size is built directly into the website without relying on the user's browser. AA Rated
6 All functionality on FasterBroadband can be achieved through a keyboard interface. This includes postcode entry using speech dictation. This feature is built directly into the website and requires no external software. AAA Rated
7 Visual presentation of text and images of text has a contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1 AA Rated
8 Content on hover or focus - using a mouse hover over or keyboard focus trigger on relevant buttons, additional content will be displayed using tooltip guides. AA Rated
9 Visual presentation, images and text content on FasterBroadband can be converted to greyscale or inverted for a very high contrast ratio. AAA Rated
10 Any images containing text are purely for decorative purposes and are non-essential to the information provided. AAA Rated
11 We create plain English-accessible content with simple navigation labels. Instructions are provided with any content that requires user input. A Rated
12 Content reflow: the content on FasterBroadband will automatically adjust to the user's screen size without requiring two-dimensional scrolling. AA Rated
13 Identifying input purpose (identifying the expected meaning of form input data). AA Rated
14 Adequate colour contrast ratio of 3:1 A Rated
15 Any audio content on FasterBroadband will not play automatically where the applicable independent volume control is available. A Rated
16 Our heading and labels are descriptive or show purpose. AA Rated
17 Interruptions: We will not disrupt your activity using pop-up media when browsing our website. AAA Rated
18 Seizures and physical reactions - The content on FasterBroadband does not contain any content which will flash three times in any one second. AAA Rated
19 If an input error is detected, we will suggest a solution. This is relevant to postcode data entry and submitting a broadband review on FasterBroadband. AA Rated
20 Components that have the same functionality can be identified consistently throughout FasterBroadband. AA Rated

We love customer feedback

We are committed to being accessible to the widest possible audience regardless of technology or ability. However, we would appreciate your feedback if you experience difficulty using any part of FasterBroadband. We welcome suggestions and will respect and respond to any feedback. If a feature on FasterBroadband does not work as expected, it might be incompatible with your website browser. If you're using an old, unsupported website browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, we recommend upgrading to take full advantage of our accessibility features. Best results can be obtained by using one of the following: Google Chrome, Microsoft edge, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox.

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Last accessibility improvement

We regularly improve accessibility features on FasterBroadband, the most recent improvement was - (February 2024)