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What's the fastest broadband in the UK?

The UK relies heavily on victorian copper telephone lines to deliver broadband. Even so called ‘fibre broadband’ still often utilises a phone line for the last part of it's connection.

According to Ofcom, as of May 2020 up to 14% of UK homes have access to full fibre broadband (Fibre to the premises aka FTTP) with speeds ranging from 900Mbps to 10Gbps

UK Gigabit broadband providers

The UK is being put on a high-fibre diet
Here are some of the leading suppliers of 'Full Fibre broadband'

Virgin Media 1Gbps Broadband

Virgin Media

  • Fastest Median Speed 1140Mbps
  • UK's fastest major broadband provider covering 3.3 million+ homes with gigabit broadband
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BT Broadband 1Gbps

BT Broadband

  • Fastest Median Speed 910Mbps
  • Using the Openreach network BT cover 3 million+ premises with 'Full Fibre' broadband
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Vodafone Gigafast Broadband

Vodafone Gigafast

  • Fastest Median Speed 910Mbps (symmetrical)
  • Vodafone Gigafast is provided through CityFibre & Openreach
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B4RN Broadband 1Gbps

B4RN Broadband

  • Fastest Median Speed 1000Mbps (symmetrical)
  • Hyperfast rural broadband in Lancashire & Cumbria
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Gigaclear 1Gbps broadband

Gigaclear Broadband

  • Fastest Median Speed 900Mbps (symmetrical)
  • The most extensive rural full fibre broadband provider
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Hyperoptic 1Gbps broadband

Hyperoptic Broadband

  • Fastest Median Speed 900Mbps (symmetrical)
  • FTTP widely available in 43 UK towns and cities
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What is Superfast broadband?

Superfast broadband is the most popular broadband option in the UK, partly due to it's cost and widespread availability. Superfast broadband is available to over 95% of the UK. Superfast is classed as a broadband connection speed of over 30Mbps. A Superfast broadband connection is sold as 'Fibre Broadband', perhaps a little misleading as it’s still delivered to your property partially via the copper phone line! Typically, 80Mbps is the maximum achievable download speed with a Superfast broadband connection. If you're more than 850 metres metres from the cabinet, you can expect at least a 50% drop in speed.

What is Ultrafast broadband?

The term Ultrafast broadband refers to a broadband connection that is capable of achieving between 300Mbps and 1000Mbps. Ultrafast broadband is currently available to over 57% of the UK. GFast is one of the latest ultrafast broadband technologies that is capable of supercharging your FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) broadband speed up to 300Mbps without the need to have fibre to your premises (FTTP). GFast is a cheaper way to boost your broadband speed, but your local exchange would need to be upgraded to be able to deliver G.Fast broadband. GFast isn't a long term solution to improving the UK’s broadband speed. There are limitations to the scope of G.Fast's delivery. It's main limitation is that it's only suitable for properties that lie within a 500 metre range of the street cabinet. It’s also still reliant on the old victorian copper telephone line. Compare Gfast broadband deals from TalkTalk

What is Hyperfast Broadband?

Hyperfast broadband is the future of broadband in the UK. Unlike it’s predecessors it isn't reliant on any aging copper cables. Hyperfast broadband is delivered via fibre-optic cables direct to your property. This is known as ‘fibre to the premises’ aka FTTP. Hyperfast broadband is capable of delivering symmetrical broadband speeds, so the upload speed is the same as the download speed. But, not all Hyperfast broadband providers supply a symmetrical service. BT currently offer FTTP with asymmetric speeds of 900Mbps down and 115Mbps up for residential customers. Other budget ISP like TalkTalk now offer FTTP Broadband options.

If the upload speed is an important part of switching to FTTP, opt for a provider who offers a symmetrical connection.

FTTP symmetrical connection providers

Hyperoptic cover 43 UK towns and cities in small clusters. They offer relatively limited coverage compared to the scale of national providers like Virgin Media and BT. But, if you want cost-effective gigabit broadband and they're in your area, we highly recommend Hyperoptic. Hyperoptic offer a VoIP phone service for customers who don't want to retire their landline number just yet.

Vodafone broadband is provided through CityFibre & the Openreach network, prices are extremely competitive. Vodafone Gigafast is currently available in the following cities; Aberdeen, Bournemouth, Cambridge, Coventry, Edinburgh, Huddersfield, Leeds, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Peterborough, Southend-On-Sea, Stirling.

Gigaclear cover 22+ counties across the South West, Midlands and South East. They provide FTTP with a 920Mbps symmetrical connection to over 65,000 properties.

Community Fibre are a London-focussed FTTP ISP who cover over 100,000 properties around London. Four different packages are available with the Gigafast one offering a 920Mbps symmetrical connection.

FTTP Advantages

FTTP isn't just about speed, there are other advantages of switching to FTTP broadband. FTTP isn't subject to interference like ADSL and VDSL2, making broadband less prone to weather-related issues. FTTP also offers an ultra-low latency which can help online gaming response times and improve VoIP calls.

UK Broadband 48th in Ookla global speed index

The results below show the average download speed from the fastest 100 countries. The data has been captured from billions of consumer-initiated tests, taken all over the world using the Ookla Speedtest, from a fixed line broadband connection.

Rank Country Speed
48th United Kingdom 72.36 Mbps
1 Singapore 218.07 Mbps
2 Hong Kong (SAR) 205.69 Mbps
3 Romania 175.39 Mbps
4 Thailand 173.41 Mbps
5 Switzerland 170.67 Mbps
6 Liechtenstein 164.47 Mbps
7 Monaco 164.31 Mbps
8 South Korea 159.98 Mbps
9 France 158.44 Mbps
10 Hungary 156.66 Mbps
11 United States 156.61 Mbps
12 Macau (SAR) 151.86 Mbps
13 Denmark 151.23 Mbps
14 Sweden 150.73 Mbps
15 Spain 145.73 Mbps
16 Canada 140.40 Mbps
17 China 139.76 Mbps
18 Norway 137.72 Mbps
19 Luxembourg 135.48 Mbps
20 New Zealand 129.97 Mbps
21 Andorra 129.69 Mbps
22 Chile 128.95 Mbps
23 Japan 127.09 Mbps
24 Taiwan 125.46 Mbps
25 Netherlands 120.46 Mbps
26 United Arab Emirates 119.14 Mbps
27 Portugal 117.44 Mbps
28 Lithuania 117.13 Mbps
29 Kuwait 113.12 Mbps
30 Israel 111.32 Mbps
31 Malta 110.67 Mbps
32 Latvia 107.03 Mbps
33 Poland 106.52 Mbps
34 Germany 106.41 Mbps
35 Finland 101.92 Mbps
36 Panama 98.59 Mbps
37 San Marino 97.48 Mbps
38 Belgium 95.90 Mbps
39 Barbados 95.36 Mbps
40 Qatar 90.80 Mbps
41 Malaysia 87.90 Mbps
42 Ireland 86.41 Mbps
43 Slovakia 84.79 Mbps
44 Moldova 81.11 Mbps
45 Austria 80.03 Mbps
46 Slovenia 78.52 Mbps
47 Russia 75.91 Mbps
48 United Kingdom 72.36 Mbps
49 Estonia 71.21 Mbps
50 Belarus 70.84 Mbps
51 Saudi Arabia 70.54 Mbps
52 Czechia 67.49 Mbps
53 Brazil 66.73 Mbps
54 Italy 66.10 Mbps
55 Serbia 64.52 Mbps
56 Trinidad & Tobago 62.00 Mbps
57 Bulgaria 60.83 Mbps
58 Jordan 59.97 Mbps
59 Ukraine 59.13 Mbps
60 Vietnam 55.20 Mbps
61 Australia 54.55 Mbps
62 Uruguay 53.57 Mbps
63 Grenada 48.84 Mbps
64 Kosovo 48.68 Mbps
65 Kazakhstan 47.43 Mbps
66 Montenegro 47.17 Mbps
67 Ghana 46.65 Mbps
68 Argentina 44.28 Mbps
69 Mongolia 43.62 Mbps
70 Saint Vincent 43.21 Mbps
71 India 43.04 Mbps
72 Kyrgyzstan 42.29 Mbps
73 Mexico 42.27 Mbps
74 The Bahamas 41.69 Mbps
75 Paraguay 39.99 Mbps
76 Costa Rica 37.72 Mbps
77 Belize 37.39 Mbps
78 Saint Lucia 37.39 Mbps
79 Croatia 37.20 Mbps
80 Albania 37.11 Mbps
81 Colombia 36.63 Mbps
82 Oman 36.63 Mbps
83 Jamaica 35.75 Mbps
84 Peru 35.31 Mbps
85 Seychelles 34.64 Mbps
86 Bosnia & Herzegovina 34.43 Mbps
87 South Africa 33.98 Mbps
88 Madagascar 33.61 Mbps
89 Tajikistan 32.61 Mbps
90 Laos 31.53 Mbps
91 Egypt 31.38 Mbps
92 North Macedonia 31.26 Mbps
93 Dominica 31.20 Mbps
94 Cyprus 30.59 Mbps
95 Armenia 30.49 Mbps
96 Sri Lanka 30.35 Mbps
97 Uzbekistan 29.80 Mbps
98 Bangladesh 29.06 Mbps
99 Greece 28.91 Mbps
100 Turkey 27.95 Mbps