Broadband Guide - What you need to know

TV Phone & Broadband Guide

Fixed wireless rural broadband

Moving to the countryside has its perks but when it comes to broadband you might be disappointed that your new rural home is too far from the telephone exchange to receive super fast broadband. Companies like: Airband, Gigaclear, Truespeed & B4RN are helping to bridge the gap by delivering FTTP and fixed wireless broadband solutions in rural locations.

Business VoIP phone

Is your business broadband optimised and ready to make VoIP calls? If you’re ready to start implementing a new VoIP system, try following our tips for finding, choosing and beginning a new phone service for your business. We think you may be surprised at how VoIP can help streamline your business calls. Try Telappliant, our recommended VoiP business provider.

Router security

Router security is an often-overlooked aspect of a home's cyber defences. Because the router connects all of the online devices and works like a hub for incoming and outgoing traffic, protecting it is very important indeed. Here are some of the key points to consider when improving your home network protection

Gaming Lag

Latency can have a devastating effect on your gaming experience, causing what most people refer to as 'lag'. Find out how to reduce latency in gaming and whether changing your HDMI cable will help improve your gaming experience. Can changing my DNS help reduce gaming lag ‘latency’? We've got all of the answers in this gaming guide.