Line rental saver

The cost of phone line rental is constantly on the increase. However, despite the increases there are still ways that you can save money on your telephone bill. The most effective way is to see if your current telephone provider offers an incentive if you pay your line rental in advance. Key home phone and broadband providers like; Virgin Media, Plusnet, and BT offer discounts via their 'Line Rental Saver' deals. The Post Office have removed their 'Line Rental Saver' offer. You don't have to switch suppliers to take advantage of a 'Line Rental Saver' discount, but you could potentially save more money by switching providers.

We have compiled a list of the most popular UK telephone companies so that you can compare phone line rental prices with and without a 'Line Rental Saver' discount.

Line rental saver
Monthly standard line
rental price
Equivalent monthly cost
with line rental saver
BT Yes £20.20 £18.32
EE Home Phone No - Removed in 2019 £19.00 from the 1st Aug 2019 -
John Lewis No £20.00 -
Now TV No £17.99 -
Plusnet Yes £18.99 £16.49
Post Office No £13.00 -
Sky No £18.99 -
Talk Talk No - Removed in 2019 £19.95 -
Virgin Media No - Removed in 2018 £19.00 -

When comparing phone line rental prices

When comparing phone line rental prices, please bear in mind that some providers offer inclusive evening and weekend calls with their phone line rental. The maximum free call duration can also vary. If you require caller ID, this service is now chargeable with BT but some telecom companies like Sky, Plusnet, TalkTalk, EE & John Lewis include it free of charge.

Popular UK Phone & Broadband Providers