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What is ADSL broadband?

ADSL stands for 'Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line'. It's a type of broadband connection that uses copper phone lines to deliver internet access to homes and businesses. It's also known as 'Standard Broadband'.

In the UK, ADSL broadband is widely available, with very few areas that don't have access to it. However, it's worth noting that ADSL is the slowest type of fixed-line broadband and may not be the best choice if a faster option like FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet) is available in your area. Our broadband availability checker will show the best broadband options in your area in your area. The average ADSL broadband speed is 11Mbps; however, these speeds could vary based on factors such as location, distance from the telephone exchange, and the quality of the copper phone line infrastructure.

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