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TenTel to be taken over by TalkTalk

TenTel customers should not experience a loss of service as TalkTalk takes over as most of Tentel's broadband network is already using TalkTalk's infrastructure. Tentel will be responsible for their customer's broadband connections until the end of June 2017. After that TalkTalk will be liable for any phone or broadband problems.

Any customers concerned about the switch to TalkTalk should contact Tentel on 0333 011 2321. Or read our TalkTalk broadband reviews.

Do I have to switch to TalkTalk?

If you're still within your contract with Tentel then your contract terms will transfer to TalkTalk. If you choose to switch to another provider then you will be liable for the fees payable for the remainder of your contract. For customers that are happy to remain with TalkTalk no action is required as broadband service and Direct Debit transfer will be facilitated automatically by TalkTalk.

Customers that are keen to explore alternative phone and broadband providers in their area can use this broadband availability search

Other useful information:
TenTel Ltd was incorporated on the 24th June 2013

Company address:
TenTel Ltd Caledonian Exchange
19a Canning Street
Edinburgh EH3 8HE
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