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Free Audio Conferencing

With a background of over 25 years in the conference and live events Industry & over 13 years of experience in telecommunications, we've been asked to help a few businesses that need support with running a business remotely. Covid-19 has certainly sent companies into a flat spin as we adapt to working from home.

One of our customers contacted us for ideas on how to connect pre-recorded and live church services via a phone line. It seemed like a novel idea, but why not just use WhatsApp or Skype? The trouble is that this isolates some of societies most vulnerable people, who may not have internet access, be able to afford the equipment or just struggle with operating tech. Conference call technology has come a long way and companies like ZOOM have some great features. While ZOOM do offer a free service, it comes with some limitations. For example, a call limit of 40 minutes and a maximum of 100 participants dialling in.

As cost was a concern, we continued to look for a cheaper alternative to ZOOM, GoTo was a little cheaper and something we were familiar with but we searched on until we found We were sceptical but curious, after all - it's free! But, that's where the sceptic walks way and the savvy shopper continues. Determined not to be conned, we did our research first and then signed up. Within 4 minutes of clicking "Create my Free Account," we were hosting a free conference call. And, for the sceptics out there - we have checked our phone bill ;-)

Our experience of has blown us away! It's so simple to set up and the call quality was fantastic.