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SSE Broadband is moving to TalkTalk

Ovo Energy has confirmed today, 4th August 2022, that they are selling their broadband and home phone service to TalkTalk.

This move comes as a surprise after SSE pushed into the FTTP (fibre to the premises) market earlier this year. With the early adoption of FTTP broadband and the removal of standard ADSL broadband packages it looked like a promising year for SSE broadband. Rival low-cost broadband competitors like Plusnet have yet to roll out FTTP broadband, so SSE had a head start.

Is TalkTalk broadband the same as SSE Broadband?

TalkTalk is a good match for existing SSE customers, who are likely to benefit from additional services that were not available with SSE. TalkTalk is the UK’s largest low-cost quad-play ISP (Internet service provider). Quad play ISPs allow you to take advantage of bundling, TV, Home Phone, Broadband & Mobile calls with one provider. TalkTalk also has a rapidly growing FTTP broadband service while offering basic standard broadband.

Existing SSE broadband customers

It’s unlikely that existing SSE customers will see much change to their phone and broadband service, which is due to transition to TalkTalk later this year. We would love to hear your thoughts if you're an existing SSE customer. Write a review about SSE Broadband

Despite an excellent range of products and services from TalkTalk, we suspect that the acquisition may not be welcome news to some SSE customers. TalkTalk has a tarnished customer service record, partially fuelled by their decision to move call centres overseas. TalkTalk came 10th in our recent ‘Top 10 broadband reviews’ using information collated from 3500 customer reviews on FasterBroadband.

Why is SSE selling it’s broadband service?

Ovo say the decision to sell SSE broadband is due to it’s commitment to becoming a net zero carbon business by 2030.

Although we applaud Ovo for their aim to become a net zero carbon business, it’s likely that when they acquired energy provider SSE back in January 2020, they had no interest in it’s broadband service as their focus remains heavily in the energy sector.

Do SSE broadband customers have to move to TalkTalk?

SSE have yet to clarify account transfer details, but if you are currently in contract we suspect you will have to accept the transfer or pay an early termination fee if you wish to exit your contract. If you are out of contract, then you do not need to accept the transfer to TalkTalk. However, if you do not wish to transfer to TalkTalk, we recommend speaking to SSE and looking for an alternative provider before your account switchover due date.

At the time of writing, there is a limited amount of customer information on the SSE website. If you experience a problem with your SSE broadband account you can chat with them directly via WhatsApp, or call them on 0345 071 9886

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