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Ditch your mobile provider by text

No more awkward conversations with customer service. Thanks to Ofcom simplifying the process you can now ditch any UK mobile phone provider by sending a free text message (satisfyingly genius!). A process that is incredibly simple and completed within just one working day!

Reducing your phone bill can be quick and easy when you know how! There are some great bargains to be had if you're prepared to switch your telephone provider. But, all is not lost if you're still tied to your existing contract - here are some quick tips that could save you money!

Line rental saver

Save money on your home phone and broadband bills if you are a customer of Virgin Media, Plusnet, the Post Office or BT. We have compiled a list of the most popular UK telephone companies to make it easier to compare phone line rental prices with and without a 'Line Rental Saver' discount.

second phone line

Running a small business from home can be rewarding and cost-effective but using your home phone as an office landline can give the wrong impression. Installing a second phone line with BT could set you back over £379 in the first year! But you can install a second home phone line for free.